Marine Turtles

Six of the seven species of Marine Sea Turtles are listed as Endangered on the ICUN red list, with the Flatback turtle having even insufficient data to be classified! These animals have been around for over 200 millions of years and we are responsible for them being in the edge of extinction in just one century by heavily exploiting them.

The AWF projects:
Cape Verde:
The AWF is forming a collaboration with the Turtle Foundation on the protection of the Loggerhead Turtles and their egg laying grounds.

Sierra Leone:
There are four species of turtles including the critically endangered leatherback turtle in Sierra Leone, and the AWF will be supporting local conservation groups in their protection.

Sri Lanka:
From the Asian Elephant base in Kagalle, the AWF will be collaborating with turtle projects around the island.

The Utila Marine Project has a special focus on turtle research.

Marine Turtles 2